Our Toilets, Basins, Showerheads are all manufactured in accordance with the GB/T6952-1999 standards concerning with sanitary wares. Certified ISO9001:2000, CUPC, Water Sense, CE, Watermark. The national committee of construction and engineering recommends our products as the new tech-product.

Our skilled workers polish every basin and toilet by hand to ensure that they are straight and flat, then they will check half-finished products one by one to ensure no flaw. A self-cleaning glaze is used to spray on the products, to make sure that the product’s surface is flat and smooth, resistant to dirt and bacteria.

Our modern auto computer controlled kilns heat the products to over 1260℃. Water absorption is less than 0.5%, which can make our products strong and durable.

Our QC check production is strict. Every product is inspected for quality and durability and ensures they North America and European standards.

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