Ceramic tiles

Ceramic tiles are extensively used, they are seen practically at every construction. Non-porous, easy to maintain and durable, great for bathrooms, kitchens etc.

Porcelain tiles

Porcelain today has come a long way and there is porcelain tile that looks like marble and some that looks like other natural stones. There are both affordable and more costly options for porcelain tile.

Porcelain tiles are extremely strong and dense. The weight of porcelain tile can tell you quite a bit about its level of quality. Porcelain tile is frost resistant and it is highly resistant to stains, scratches and moisture.

Porcelain tiles do not chip easily. They are also hard wearing, meaning the porcelain tile is resistant to harsh cleaning products, stains and fading. Porcelain tile is easily cleaned and can last for a very long time.

Marble tiles

Real marble tiles are truly magnificent to look at, they are beautiful and always unique. You will never find two marble surfaces that look exactly the same. Marble gives the sense of grandeur wherever it is laid and is also heavier than porcelain.

Marble is also very versatile. It can be used in any part of the house, including living rooms, dining rooms and foyers. Marble tile also has a health benefit – the marble is a natural stone and can keep away microscopic particles and germs if it is cleaned properly.

Glazed tiles

Many people assume the word “glazed” means shiny or glossy. However, in the tile industry, the word is used to refer to the coat of enamel or liquid glass that is applied to almost all ceramic and porcelain tiles. Glaze is a substance, rather than a description. Most tiles are glazed. The glaze can be a matt or glossy finish. There are many tiles that are available in both finishes - plain white tiles, for example. They'd be described as either matt white tiles or glossy white tiles, with both being glazed.

Wood look tiles

With advances in technology, our wood look tile will have you doing a double take. Our high-quality, wood look tile has touchable texture for an authentic look and feel. Better than real wood, durable porcelain tile is:





Unlike real wood, wood look tile will not warp or splinter and will never need to be stripped, sanded, re-stained, and re-sealed.

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