About Blinite impex

Blinite Inc sets firmly on a path of growth even as we continue to focus on value-added offerings for our customers. Backed by strong compliance of global norms within our varied sectors in which we operate, we leverage our worldwide presence along with sourcing, marketing, client service, construction, and services competencies to delivering what we promise to customers across our business verticals.


We’re with you from start to finish.

Blinite Impex takes on and solves challenges that others may not.

We pride ourselves on delivering in-depth sourcing and developing solutions that give your project the best long-term performance and benefits.

We offer better building through technology.

Blinite Impex’s expert sourcing and implementing, process improvement, and installation teams are committed to embracing new technologies and expanding their firsthand knowledge of the industries we serve. This guarantees unrivaled value with every product and service we provide.

We ensure financial viability and long-term performance.

We work closely with project architects, engineers, and contractors to evaluate budget constraints, structural challenges, jobsite logistics, and aesthetic demands to develop a precast solution that stands the test of time.

We deliver maximum return on investment and We build strong relationships.

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